Responsibilities of a Explorer

Duties and Responsibilities

Under direct supervision, a fire explorer participates in a basic fire training curriculum, assists firefighters with various support activities during emergencies, and provides direct assistance during fire prevention and public education activities.

Load and roll hose
Replace spent air bottles
Assist with other fire ground duties that are deemed non-hazardous
Maintain fire station and grounds
Attends monthly meetings and drills
Study fire related technical manuals

After completion of the North Patchogue Rider Program explorers will do the following:



The purpose of these procedures are to promote positive involvement of our
explorers, in hopes of gaining these individuals as future members of the Fire


The following procedures relate to emergency operations
normally carried out by the North Patchogue Fire Department on a daily basis.

The age of the explorer referred to in the remainder of this document will be
14 years old or older and out of 8th grade. All of the explorers who are involved in the riding program will be issued
O.S.H.A. approved gear. And must wear the same on calls.


The explorer will be allowed to access station #2 and station # 3 and Station # 1
for alarm purposes and Station one can also be accessed to interact with the rest of the firefighters.

For more information or to join please call;

Telephone (631) 475-1788
Fax (631) 475-2699

If you would like to learn more or just follow us please check our



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