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  1. I have a question…more out if curiousity, not a complaint. I live behind the fire department, and I was recently told that the alarms that are sounded are not needed any longer due to new technology. Is this true? An alarm sounded tonight at 8:29 pm that woke my infant. For the most part we have gotten used to the alarm, but there are times where it disrupts our daily lives, whether it be a conversation or waking us up. Thanks in advance! Ps…we truly appreciate your work!!!


  2. There is technology but do to batteries, blindspots and human error there is no substitute for the horn. When there is an alarm and we hear the horn we know that there is a life or lives in danger and our response is required. We do apologize for any inconvenience that the horn might bring during the daytime but to be more courteous to our surrounding neighbors we have stopped using it after 10pm in hopes to ease the horns closest neighbors. Again we do apologize for waking your infant and hope that the 10pm curfew we imposed on our horn helps.


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